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Organized Living freedomRail is an award-winning home organization system that can be customized for every area of your home and changed to suit every stage of your life. At the heart of this organizing system is its ability to adjust- and readjust – to suit you and your family’s ever-changing needs.

With Organized Living freedomRail, you need very few tools to install. And because it’s made from 30 percent more steel than most other storage systems, it’s built to last, making it a great economical choice. The end result truly is freedom: freedom from clutter, freedom from stress, freedom from worry. It’s the ultimate storage solution.


Organized Living freedomRail is adjustable. The storage system lets you easily change components to fit your changing needs and without tools. It’s versatile. You can customize your organization system to fit any budget, use or style.

It’s strong. Organized Living freedomRail is made with 50% more steel than most storage systems and holds up to 150 pounds per foot so it’s guaranteed to withstand the daily use of active families.

It’s easy to install. All you have to do is install the rail and the other components snap into place.

It’s reputable. Organized Living freedomRail has been featured on dozens of television episodes including HGTV, A&E, The Style Network, PBS, and many other national home organization programs.

It’s trusted. Organized Living freedomRail is the choice of new home builders and has received several awards including the only product to be recognized five years in a row on the Builder’s Top Ten List.

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